15 people from 8 different partner companies in the international EPC+ platform (Energy Efficiency Network Europe) participated in the first annual meeting of the collaborative network, hosted by Factor4 in Antwerp on the 15th of November 2016.

The objective of the meeting was to exchange business ideas and opportunities on innovative services including energy performance contracting.

Nine business opportunities were presented by the different partners followed by discussions and an indication of interest of each partner in a collaboration with the proposing partner.

The business proposals and ideas presented at the annual meeting of the Energy Efficiency Network Europe showed the strong added value of our collaborative network for its partners and the benefits of cross border collaboration between SMEs. The business opportunities and ideas were ranging from existing services such as the Comfortmeter and DiagFlashNRJ© and training of energy auditors to projects such as innovative financing of sustainable urban energy supply systems.


From left to right: Didier Vindimian (Winergia), Joana Chaves (S317), Conor Molloy (AEMS), Stefan Amman (e7), Petri Väisänen (Motiva), Sven Wuyts (Factor4), Jonathan Crespel (Winergia), Margarita Puente (Escan), Katia Abondio (Fedabo), Matteo Locati (Fedabo), Erik van Agtmaal (Factor4).