Factor4 implements an EPC contract at Seyntex, a production site of technical textiles. The industrial site comprises 5 buildings with net floor area 34,108m² comprising administration buildings, the actual textile production factory as well as logistics buildings. Factor4 started by conducting a complete review of the site in terms of energy and examined both the buildings and the production lines. The implementation of the measures takes place in the form of an energy performance contract, guaranteeing the result achieved.

The measures include:
– Demand-driven and weather-dependent regulation for the heating of the logistics buildings
– Additional insulation around the pipes and appendages in the combustion areas
– Optimization of the production and distribution of heat for the production process
– Heat recovery from the thermal oil circuit to the thermal circuit for heating the building
– A better control of the ventilation

The measures in the production halls have no impact on the quality nor continuity of the production process. The Factor4 team will complete all measures with the specialists on the workfloor before implementation begins.
An energy monitoring system ensures that both Factor4 experts and the customer can monitor the energy consumption and take action if necessary.