Factor4 introduces EPC relighting contract for SMEs

Experience of Factor4 revealed that once SME’s got to know the EPC concept, they were mostly open to cooperate in the pre-feasibility fase in order to receive an EPC offer. However, there’s no offer in EPC services that meets SME’s needs. SME’s prefer short, not too complex contracts, keeping control and freedom, and aren’t able […]

Energy efficiency as a business for SMEs in Europe

SMEs are rarely capable to offer comprehensive energy services and compete with large companies. A possible solution is the creation of SPINs, SME Partnerships offer innovative energy efficiency services. On the EPC+ website you can learn how to create a SPIN, and find the necessary tools. Energy efficiency is not just a challenge for the European […]

EPC+ project: energy services partnerships

The Energy Performance Contracting Plus (EPC+) project supports the creation of partnerships (clusters) of SMEs that offer innovative energy efficiency services (SPINs). Each SPIN provides standardized technology-specific energy services packages for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) projects. The project activities also include the development of financial and technical toolboxes, SPIN cooperation model contracts and EPC model contracts.From our experience, this […]

Workshop on Energy Performance Contracts

The City of Antwerp, Alfaport-VOKA and the Port of Antwerp in collaboration with Factor4 will hold a free workshop on Energy Performance Contracts on the 8 th of December in the new Antwerp Port building. Making old and new buildings more energy efficient is a major component in federal, regional and local climate plans to help achieve […]

Bart Tommelein is counting on ESCOs

Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein is counting on ESCOs to reach the climate goals, and has high expectations of the ESCO-fund PMV (‘do and dare company’) is setting up to finance projects. Read more.  

EPC+ presented at Industrial Efficiency 2016, Berlin

“The challenge of energy efficiency: Promoting innovative business models for SMEs“, submitted by the Portuguese partner ISR-UC partner in the EPC+ consortium has been successfully evaluated to be presented at the next ECEEE Industrial Efficiency 2016. The ECEE industrial energy efficiency event will be held in Berlin in September 2016. The conference will last for two days, […]

Starting up of EPC+ project

The new EPC+ project has just started and the Kick off meeting was celebrated in Athens. The European Commission Advisor and all the partners of eleven countries did participate with presentations of the activities to be done during the first term. Very practical administrative and contractual project issues were presented and also the requirements of […]