The EPC PLUS Project will provide different formation- information on new tools and contract models for energy efficiency and renewable contracts for SMEs.

If your company is focused on providing energy efficiency and/or renewable energy services and you would like to become member of SPIN you can participate


EPC PLUS outcomes HOW TO Methodology
SPIN If you want to Participate in a SPIN please contact your portal countryContact here
Training Building capacities and skills. If you wish to participate in a EPC Course please visit the Training section of the National EPC website in your country.
Energy Services Packages We produce tools for energy efficiency projects. 
Pilot Projects If you desire participating in pilot projects you are kindly invited to contact the national partner or visit pilot projects .
EPC Platform If you wish contacting EPC facilitaros, SMEs, and potential clients please use the EPC Platform.
Dissemination Several seminars and presentations will be carried out in the participant countries, news and articles are included in the national websites. Also you can receive the newsletter for free, so please fill in the formulaire. For  more information visit the dissemination site 

Building trust and enhancing quality; promotion of EPC in a SMEs market

Communicating replicating is part of the core our mission+complying with communication campaigns